Hawthorn Grief Care provides accompaniment, connection and support for bereaved parents during and after loss.

Bereavement Doula

I offer support and accompaniment before, during, and/or after miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss. I hold as much of the logistics of life as you can let go of while also providing support specific to grief and loss. What everyone needs during this time is different; We will decide together what I can offer you based on what you need help with and what you think would make this time a little bit easier. Below is a short list of possibilities:

  • Providing local resources
  • Meal preparation, grocery shopping, and errands
  • Accompaniment to medical appointments, etc.
  • Listening and peer support
  • Creating momentos
  • Making a support plan and communicating with friends and family about needed support

Ritual & Ceremony

I offer ritual and ceremony accompaniment to assist you in honoring and memorializing a loved one after their death. We work together to create a ritual that meets your personal, religious, cultural and/or spiritual beliefs and traditions. This can take place at any point after loss, however and wherever you feel is right. I am here to listen and to help you sort through your existing ideas of how to honor your loved one, as well as provide options and share ideas for how others have memorialized friends, families and loved ones.

For bereaved parents, this may be a time to share your grief and mourning with others who were also awaiting this new life or a private ritual for parent/s to honor your child while beginning the journey of learning to parent a baby gone too soon.

Individual Support

I hold space for individual and collective grief, transition and healing during and/or after the death of a loved one.

I do not see grief as something that needs to be cured but a normal and transformative process that we will all experience. I see the denial of our grief as a barrier to truly experiencing life and love.

I offer support and listen without the goal of fixing your grief. Grief companioning is a way of describing my role in holding space for your unique experience and process through this grieving. When asked, I share my own experiences of integrating my grief, I listen, share resources and show up in the way you need.

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“Trauma recovery can take place only within the context of relationships; it cannot occur in isolation.”

— Judith Herman

Groups, Events and Gatherings

Miscarriage Support Group

Groups are free and take place via Zoom. Please RSVP and we will send the link. Contact with any questions.

Peer facilitated by Emerald Ortiz and Jessica Rosene de Brito. Open to anyone who has experienced miscarriage.

1st Tuesday of every month 6-8pm

Stillbirth & Infant Loss Group

Groups are free and take place via Zoom. Please RSVP and we will send the link. Contact with any questions.

Peer facilitated by Ada. Open to anyone who has experienced stillbirth or infant loss.

2nd Tuesday of every month 7-8pm

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Provider Consults & Trainings

  • Facilitated debriefing and support for care providers who have been working with clients experiencing pregnancy or infant loss
  • Individual and case-specific consults via phone, skype or in person
  • Training on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support tailored to your team
  • Consultation on implementing systems to best support clients experiencing pregnancy or infant loss